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Full membership to the club will be permitted where the person is the owner of one of the following motorcycles or a motorcycle powered by an engine from one of the following bikes . . . Z900 - Z1000 or Z1R.

Other Z series bikes such as the Z200 - 250 - 400 - 450 - 500 - 650 - 750 - 1100 or 1300 may be admitted as full members at the discretion of the respective State Committee of Management. However the Club will remain centered around the “Classic” Z900 - Z1000 series Kawasaki.

Owners of any other motorcycle will not be permitted to become full members of the club unless they are also owners of a Z series Kawasaki as mentioned above.

"However" Social membership will be granted at the discretion of the respective state committee of management for owners of other classic motorcycles, and they will need to abide to the clubs constitution and the model rules.

Being an owner of a Z series bike does not mean that a person has to be an active rider and He/She may be a collector, be in the process of reconstruction/restoration and so on. In these circumstances the person may bring any other bike along to any club event unless specified by the committee of Management.

If you would like to apply for membership, please
download the form HERE and email back the filled in copy to the membership officer at memberships@zowners.com.au or pvpopeye@gmail.com

Benefits of Membership:

  • Access to the Vic Roads Club Permit Scheme (you need to be a financial member for at least 3 months before applying)
  • Various other social & fundraising motorcycle events
  • Various discounts from our sponsors.


Preferred Suppliers

Ask for "MAX" to receive 10% off upon presentation of your Z Owners card.


Offering 5-10% off general items. Larger items on request.



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