Kawasaki Z OwnersVictoria  

Contact Details

Kawasaki Z Owners Victoria Postal Address:
The Secretary
P.O. BOX 96
Brunswick West

 Jeff Collings (Harley Jeff) president@zowners.com.au

Vice President: Bruce Simpson (Simmo) vicepresident@zowners.com.au

Secretary: Peter Van Poppel (Popeye) secretary@zowners.com.au

Assistant secretary: Roger Parry-Jones (Wodga) secretary@zowners.com.au

Treasurer: Peter Bushe (Bushy) treasurer@zowners.com.au

Membership Officer: memberships@zowners.com.au

Merchandise: Colin Files (Speed) merchandise@zowners.com.au 

Newsletter editor: Colin Files (Speed) newseditor@zowners.com.au 

Committee Member 1: Colin Files (Speed) as above

Committee Member 2: John Brozyna (Broz)

Committee Member 3: Roger Parry-Jones (Wodga) as above

Vehicle Safety and Rego Signatory Officer (Administration): Damien O'Donnell (D Man)  damoluvbike@hotmail.com 

Vehicle Safety and Rego Signatory (Melbourne): Max Morrison (Rags)

Vehicle Safety and Rego Signatory (Melbourne): Bruce Simpson (Simmo)

 Rego Signatory (Melbourne club meetings). Jeff Collings (Harley Jeff)

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