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Louie Demetriou

Louie Demetriou aka (Whiskers) age 37.

The newest member of the Kawasaki Z owners Race team.

I rode my first Victa Powered home made mini bike at the age of 6 and it was all over from there. I pestered my parents for the next 6 years to buy me a real bike until I saved up enough and purchased My first Yamaha 1982 YZ80J which I still own. Since then I have owned many bikes from Yamaha RD350’s to Suzuki GSX1300R Haybussa’s. Currently am the Proud owner of 1973 Z1 900 (jaffa), 1979 Z650Sr and 1980 Z650 Race Bike.

The 1980 Z650 is a purpose built race / track bike. The 1980 model 650 frame is well braced and cradles a 1981 Z750E1 engine with an 810cc Wiseco piston kit, the head has been extensively ported to suit the track and to accommodate for the high lift WEB Cams and the 31mm smooth bore CR carburetors, as well as the 20year old sweet sounding Megacycle exhaust system which has been ceramic coated, to preserve it for a few more years. For the firing power it uses a Dyna S with Dyna coils as total loss ignition system. The wheels are ZZR600 with standard ZZR600 rear brake caliper. Up front we have a Yamaha conventional front end and Brembro brake calipers with 11.5inch solid Stainless steel discs. Out back we have a standard Suzuki GSX Katana swing arm and a pair of race going Gazi fully adjustable rear shocks.

I entered my first ever competitive race at the Broadford Southern Classic 2012. Since then, Island Classic 2013 and Broadford Vic Titles 2013 and more to come.

 would like to thank the Z Owners Race team for the help and support thought the build of the bike and the racing.

Special Thanks to:

Glenn Carroll (TUG)

D Man

Max / Brian Bike Mart Ringwood

Glen GTS Engineering,

John & Tony GT & GR Engineering

Adam All Paint Finishes

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