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'Speed' Colin Files

The most integral part of the Kawasaki Z Owners Racing team is our team manager "Speed" Colin Files. Speed has spent endless hours co-ordinating the 'look' of team, from the Z Owners Racing stickers on the bikes and trailer, to banners, flags and more importantly, the clothing merchandise. The racing crew all have t-shirts, polo's, caps and even beanies with Kawasaki Z Owners Racing on them. He has also sourced external sponsors for the racing crew.

Speed is always track-side with his camera and / or video camera on hand, making sure he captures all the antics from a week-ends racing. He has provided us with many 'race-cam' videos taken on board the bike during races, as well as plenty of race action shots and team group photo's.

He also owns his own race bike, the above kawasaki zx7r, to take part in track days. He has no plans to competatively race it but who knows what the future holds.

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