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'Dman' Damien O'Donnell


Dman says: "This bike has taken a couple of years to build on a budget. Rex from TRex racing did the head work and re-sleeved the barrels, Kenny at Vic Wreckers helped with sourcing parts, and the rest I picked the brains of Z Owners Racing and nutted out myself.

The bike is a 1976 Z900 frame, braced and strengthened. RGV triple clamps, 41mm diameter forks revalved, Katana swingarm with Gazi shocks, Brembo calipers with custom made 300mm disks, Pirelli slicks on 17" rims.

The engine is a 1977 Z1000 bottom end, crank has been welded and balanced. The clutch is a high performance APE extra plate with heavy duty springs. The engine casings have been bored out to suit a big bore set of barrels. The pistons are high comp Wiseco 1166, the head is off a Z1100H. Camshafts are Web, under bucket shims, exhaust is custom Tingate and the carburetors are Keihin CR 33mm smoothbores. Dyna coils and ignition.

Have had my first season in 2012 and had a great time, although I did manage to stack (again), but had TUG to repaint and Rod Tingate to fix my pipe. I also purchased a set of Keihin carbys.

So after a full season, I hope to reduce my times on all tracks we ride. The bike is going very strong with the new carbs and I'm more confident on the track with a season under my belt".

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